VG6 EPSILON556 Ti Titanium Muzzle Brake

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High Performance Muzzle Brake for Eliminating Recoil

The VG6 EPSILON 556 Ti is the pinnacle of AR15 muzzle devices. The EPSILON 556 Ti ust outperforms everything on the market.

Designed for the discriminating shooter and professional end-users, VG6 Precision's EPSILON 556 affords you the best muzzle control and recoil mitigation the industry has to offer. This is a true combination muzzle brake / compensator / flash hider. Its performance is matched only by the amazing look of this device.

The VG6 Epsilon556 Ti carries many of the same characteristics as the Gamma556 with a few exceptions. Extended flash hiding prongs and no ports at the 12 o’clock positions allow uninhibited view from flash through optics or sights. The difference in porting is also noticed on the underside of the device where it has 6 valve holes to allow the fastest gasses reaching the second chamber to exit. This creates very soft low energy recoil that allows for absolute control. The VG6 Epsilon556 Ti carries all these specs and is priced well below our competitors.  

EPSILON556 Ti is produced for light weight build. This item will be supplied as limited edition.  


Material : Grade 5 Titanium

Weight : 1.38 Oz (39g)

Caliber :  5.56mm/ .223 Rem only 

Thread : 1/2x28 RH

Installation : Crush Washer (included), Installation should be done by a qualified gunsmith. 

* Do not use with any other muzzle attachment devices like sound suppressor. Please use the EPSILON 556 Ti alone.